Hospitality Training Center – QuinuaQ

QuinuaQ is a hospitality training center and restobar run by Mama Alice. QuinuaQ’s primary goal is to create training, internships and employment for young local people. Annually, between 20 and 50 apprentices receive vocational training at QuinuaQ. Our apprentices gain more practical experience, more holistic training and better social skills than apprentices in other centers, and so companies love to contract our students after graduation.

A second important goal of QuinuaQ’s is to generate income for Mama Alice, enabling the charity to help fight poverty in the poorest communities of Ayacucho while becoming less dependent on donations from abroad. QuinuaQ was created as a social enterprise to generate income, as Mama Alice is a non-profit organisation.


QuinuaQ, is a place for Peruvian and international tourists to enjoy a breath-taking view while enjoying delicious meals and signature cocktails. The restobar offers Peruvian food and drinks including specialties from Ayacucho, with international influences. In addition to the restobar, QuinuaQ offers great activities such as mountain biking, climbing trails, Agnome village, and a shop with products made by Mama Alice mamitas (a group of local skilled craftswomen we work with).  


•              Promote the use of sustainable construction and environmentally-friendly materials

•              Inform, mobilize, and enthuse visitors and employees about nature and environmental issues 

•              Promote sustainable tourism and hospitality

•              Create an environment in which cultures and socio-economic groups come together, breaking down social barriers

•              Promote the history, culture, and identity of the surroundings of Ayacucho

•              Be an example for other NGOs who want to become less dependent and more sustainable


The name QuinuaQ stands for Quinua Querida (Quinua, my dearest). This name celebrates the location (the village is called Quinua), and the love of local food and culture that we would like to share with our guests – especially the two Quinua house specialty plates. 

QuinuaQ is currently ranked the fourth best restaurant in Ayacucho on Tripadvisor. We are aiming to become the best restaurant in Ayacucho. 

QuinuaQ is 95% owned by Mama Alice and the other 5% of the company is owned by the head chef, Alexander Matta Juscamaita.