Annual Report 2020

2020 was a tough year for all of us, but Peru got hit especially hard. No one was prepared for a pandemic and our families were unable to provide for themselves during the multiple lockdowns. We often felt powerless, but looking back we feel we managed to accomplish quite a few feats. 

2020 in quick overview for Mama Alice:

  • We lent 80 cell phones with subscriptions to families. Through the phones the Mama Alice psychologists, social workers, nurse and teachers could support the children and their families with homework help, tutoring and psychosocial support. This solution helped prevent most problems and escalations.
  • We distributed 621 food packages to 297 families in dire circumstances.
  • To educate people about how to avoid getting the virus, we distributed 146 hygiene packages that included cleaning materials, soap and a flyer. All parcels were hand-delivered by our staff and they took the time to explain the information and answer any questions.
  • To allow the children to do their homework, we supplied 250 education packets.
  • In between lockdowns we were able to keep QuinuaQ running. QuinuaQ has done everything possible to support the employees even during the seven (!) lockdown months, through payment of salaries in the first period and subsequent support with food parcels.
  • The vocational training to become a cook, waiter and bartender continued, despite the multiple lockdowns of QuinuaQ.

Our Strategy & Mission

About what NGO Mama Alice stands for and how we aim to accomplish it.

About 2020

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