Mama Alice focuses its efforts on impacting children and youth within selected communities. Our social workers contribute to achieving more active and engaged districts with greater participation from locals in social issues. We support the residents of the districts in their social functioning – responding in a nuanced way to the needs, strengths and possibilities of each neighbourhood.

The strength of our social workers is that they operate close to the living environment of citizens and apply an integrated approach: improving the (im)material living environments on the one hand and developing and strengthening the functioning of the citizens on the other.

From 2005 to 2015, Mama Alice worked in the deprived neighbourhoods of Keiko Sofia and 11 de Junio, in Ayacucho (see more information on our work in Ayacucho). We have shown that our interventions work. After 10 years we were able to finish our work in these neighbourhoods because the neighbourhoods have made great strides towards our objectives.   

Today, we focus our work primarily on Yanama. In Yanama, Mama Alice works in the public schools and community rooms of the poorest areas of the city. In the neighbourhoods, Mama Alice provides crisis intervention, safety planning and referral to local service providers.