Daniela Huaman Jauregui

Social worker

I have a great passion for helping and feel empathy for the families in Ayacucho. I like to promote social change through activities that increase people’s well-being and quality of life. Therefore I like to work in Mama Alice.


As a social work it’s sometimes difficul, because most problems we see are very intens. The most common problems are:

  • Violence against family members
  • Child abuse
  • Learning problems


I have a great affection for all of the families I work with. But with one family I have an extra bonding, because they improved so much. This family is very receptive, affectionate, friendly, supportive, participative and very enthusiastic during the different sessions or activities that are planned. In the short time I work with them, I can joyfully mention that important achievements have been obtained, such as the improvement of relationships between family members, especially between the parents and the children.


We have to work in harsh conditions. We have to deal on a daily basis with the sun, the wind and aggressive dogs. Sometimes even sandstorms. But when a family thanks me for my work, I feel it’s all worth it.


I started working in Mama Alice as a volunteer for a short time of approximately 3 months. I saw solidarity, discipline, organization and respect and that caught my attention. These values will get you far and achieve the objectives for the good of the target population. When a vacancy became available at Mama Alice a year later, I applied.


I love Ayacucho. The city is known for it’s food, the ceramics and art, for the climate that changes from one moment to the next, handmade textiles, the nature,  the Huamanguina music, its history and culture. For all this I am proud of be ayacuchana.