Dian Gianella Rojas Quispe


When I applied to Mama Alice, I thought that I would work with street children and adolescents. Those who do not have adequate socio-emotional support and even go so far as to commit criminal acts. I expected I had to look for them in not very safe areas to have contact with them. I did not feel fear, because before I had worked in the prison from Ayacucho prison, so I had already experience. But I immediatly found out that I would work with a very different population: the residents of Yanama. Yanama is a place where deprivations abound and the infinite happiness of children inviting you and wanting to stay. I work with children and adolescents who have various difficulties or have gone through difficult events. Some have stable socio-emotional support and others do not.  I also work with families making home visits. This is complicated by the fear I have of dogs and there are many of them in Yanama. Luckily I have friendly companions, who accompany me and defend me when dogs try to attack.


There are many things that I like about my work. I will name two. The first thing is the contact with the children and adolescents, each of them is a different world, full of energy, wit and information, and they teach me new things. The second is the work environment, knowing that I can count on each one of my male and female companions comforts me and fills me with good energy. I really appreciate this.


The importance of treating children and adolescents with respect is not practiced in some homes. This is because parents are not aware of the consequences of mistreatment of their children now and in the future. I did individual parenting style workshops with the aim of making each father and mother understand why they had those attitudes, the way they treat their children, and the consequences that arise. The parents managed to do an introspection, reflecting and becoming account of their actions, many of them cried and came to apologize to their children. Now children tell how happy they feel to notice the change in treatment of their parents.


The funniest thing ever with my colleagues was the practice of a musical for Christmas. The musical is names “El chavo del 8” . During rehearsals we all went back to being children, we made a fool of ourselves without judging anyone. We laughed a lot. The day of the presentation we forgot the steps to follow and we improvised everything. The good thing was that we had fun and the children had fun with us.


When I tell others about my work at Mama Alice, regardless of the profession they have, they always say that they would like to work at Mama Alice. I think it is because I show the close, trust and equality relationship that the entire team has. Or perhaps they notice the carousel of emotions that each one of our children and teenager evoke within me.


I would like to learn art therapy techniques, which I can apply in psychotherapeutic sessions with children and adolescents, and creatively accompany them to their self-discovery and healing.