Eskarly Huamani Caycho

Teacher pre-primary

From a very young age I liked to play with young children. I had younger cousins and I made them play and I felt they listened to me and they had fun. Also I felt a lot of affection and tenderness for the babies.. I also remember that as a child, I played the teacher, always teaching, playing and imitating my teachers from that time. When I studied education, I studied for elementary school, thinking it was the right thing to do. In the course I realized that I was not comfortable, so I changed studies and became a nursery teacher.


I am from Lima, I lived 28 years there. The reason I came to Ayacucho was that at that time I had a ten-year relationship with my (now) husband and we wanted to move on to be more serious and form a familiy. The other reason is that I had already knew Ayacucho and I loved the city and its climate. It was a difficult decision because I had to leave my family, especially leaving my parents and siblings was difficult. Quitting my years of work, friendships and customs, which I sometimes miss. But I cannot complain because in this city I found a second family and I feel happy.

I form a beautiful family with my friend, partner and husband Omar, who supports me in everything and comforts me when I feel sad. We have had joys and sorrows, we have learned a lot as parents, because we have three children (Leonel, Xiomara and Tamara), who are our driving forces in our lives.


When I was a child, I attended an NGO, which supported low-income children and in the morning they gave us breakfast and after school our lunch. At parties such as ‘Children’s Day’,  ‘Christmas’ and others, they also gave us a gift. When I was given the opportunity to work at Mama Alice, I felt that the opportunity to do something for the children who need it the most was presented to me. I wanted to say “thanks” to those people who at some point helped me. Now I can do the same with my work: striving and giving that affection and love that I received in my childhood. At the end of the classes I feel good, satisfactory with the achievements. At night I always remember the faces of the children of joy, sadness or anger of that day. In my head I hear them say “I love you very much miss”, and that is comforting for me. Sometimes I think that in another institution I will not find these affections. The other reason is because here at Mama Alice I found my other family. As I mentioned we do not have close relatives, our friends are our family and my children grew up within Mama Alice. In these twelve years that I have been in the institution, I have met good people who always advise you and care about the team. Mama Alice supported me a lot and I am very grateful for it, both financially, emotionally and morally, they have always been there through thick and thin, when I needed it most.


I’ve had so many funny moments with the Mama Alice little ones. One day we talked about sense of taste. Before preparing a fruit salad, I wanted them to taste many products to differentiate between them: Chocolate, lemon, Sillao and some more. But it was vinegar that caused laughter, because they thought it was water and when they tried it, their faces  changed. I laughed so much and the children seeing me laugh, laughed together with me. The same happened with trying the coffee, which they first tought it was chocolate. Aldair was the first to try. He opend his mouth so big, feeling lucky to try the chocolate. When he realised it was something he didn’t like at all, he tried to clean his mouth with his hands. Everybody, even Aldair, was laughing.  


What would I do with S/ 100.000 to spend in materials? Oooh, that would be great news. I would build a spacious room for the lessons, with tiles on the roof because when the rain falls it sounds very loud and scares the children. Furthermore I would buy other furniture and I would buy many more toys.