Ferreol Janampa Martinez

Teacher secondary school

In Peru everybody has a least one nickname. In my house they call me Cusi Cusi and at work they call me Ferry. I like both nicknames, because it is the way to call me affectionately.


What do you like most about your work?

TRUST: Because I can freely express my opinions about work as well about personal situations, receiving advice or a comforting consolation.

SOLIDARIDARITY: Everyone helps and teaches you, they offer you help when you don’t know. If you have any personal difficulties, you also receive social and emotional support.

LEADERSHIP: Fredy as Elba motivate us towards leadership, to have initiative and above all they are an example to follow.


Since I was little boy, I liked all types of cars to play with, but especially Volkswagens. When I bought my first Volkswagen, I was filled with emotions. If I had a lot of money I would buy again a Volkswagen van, but this time one with 23 windows.


A few years ago Mama Alice was going through a very difficult time. When halfway through that year we received a message from our partner in the Netherlands, that we would not receive anymore funds to continue our work. We had to start to look for another job. It was a horrible message, because it was mid-year and in that season it is almost impossible to find a job. It was a nightmare that overwhelmed me and my family.


My colleagues tease me for being single. I still haven’t found the right girl with many dreams and personal goals as a professional. A girl that likes to travel and adventures. A girls who accompanies me and motivates me to be better every day.


Currently my work consists of teaching mathematics and assisting in accounting. Although it is true that the pandemic has currently unbalanced us, I think it is important to train myself in the new changes that have been implemented both in the accounting area and the different tools to virtual courses in education as soon as possible.