Flor de Maria Cuenca Pillpe


For five years I have been living in Carmen Alto –Huamanga Ayacucho. I have two daughters, a 3-year-old whose name is Camila and an 11-month-old whose name is Alaia. I have a degree in Executive Secretariat in which I worked for almost ten years and I am certified as a Public Accountant. I am working for Mama Alice.

It was difficult in the beginning to assume accounting responsibility. I do not consider the work difficult. Of course, the constant changes in tax and labour regulations are a little complex, but at the same time, I adapt easily.

For my children, as any mother wishes, I hope they both will be good people and professionals and contribute well to society.

12 years ago I started my internship in Accounting at Mama Alice, from there I learned a lot about the work that Mama Alice does and accounting thanks to Erika, she very kindly tried to clear my doubts and issues that I did not know. When Erika left and I assumed the responsibility of accounting in the NGO, it was like a challenge. I learned a lot and grew every day as a professional.

If people would describe me, they would probably say that I am punctual, responsible and transparent.

Also, I’m known to be very down-to-earth. I’m probably the only Peruvian with no superstitions.