Help Our Cause

Financial Contributions

Our work would not be possible without the help of many generous donors. Donations, both big and small, enable us to support more children, more holistically, in more impactful ways.

Your contribution would mean the world to us, and even more to our communities. If you would like to donate to our NGO, you can do so periodically or as a one-off payment. 

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Join Our Team

If you’ve read our story, our ethos, mission and vision and believe that you could make a good contribution to our team, we have open positions every year for volunteers and apprentices who have relevant work experience or education backgrounds. 

In Peru

A minimum residence time of 4 months and a command of the Spanish language are required.

In the Netherlands

We also work with interns and volunteers in the Netherlands who have skills in marketing. This is usually conducted as a part-time position and requires both Dutch and English language competencies.  

For more information on the opportunities and requirements, please contact us.

Would You Like to Help Us in Another Way?

Maybe you have an idea for a fundraising activity. Maybe you’ve got a great idea for a marketing awareness campaign. Maybe you’ve seen a fantastic initiative that we should also incorporate in our work. Whatever the subject, we would love to hear your ideas! Please send us  an email with your proposal.