Jenny Ibáñez Diéguez

Primary School Teacher

Hello I am Jenny, I was born in Huamanga – Ayacucho, I work for «Mama Alice», I am married and I have three children, I work as a teacher of primary education. I chose this profession because I like to interact with children and be part of their learning process, not only of knowledge but also of many values and moral-emotional skills to help them in their cognitive and spiritual development later.

I have worked in private and state schools, noticing the great difference in learning that exists and I always saw that education before was more rigorous and very disciplined and therefore generated fears and did not help in the learning and personality of the student. Thanks to these experiences I can shape the education of the children who come to «Mama Alice» and it is very necessary that the current teachers share more emotional experiences with students so that they can release their real problems. This is what we are trying to do with «Mama Alice» to contribute to the educational development of this region of Peru.

I have many hobbies and pastimes that are linked to my chosen profession, such as painting, drawing, playing volleyball, listening to music from the eighties, watching films, etc.