Jose Conga Flores

Social Worker

The first interview I had with Mama Alice was when I entered Mama Alice for an internship. I was interviewed by social worker Pilar, who at that time was in charge of human resources. But a few years later I started my career when Elba called me a Monday days before Christmas to propose to be part of the team as a member of the social area. It was one of the best days of my life and I remember that she, very kind and rescuing my skills, proposed to me to work in 2017. I remember that I never tought that I would receive such a message, it seemed like a dream and ofcourse I accepted the proposal. I left her office immensely happy and when I arrived at my mom’s work I told her and she cried, hugged me and said: “You deserve this.”


The most beautiful thing about my work is when families allow me to enter their homes and make me feel part of the family. We cry together, we all embrace each other and such a emotional tie never break. Likewise, it is beautiful to see when families leave their problems behind and begin to embark on a better path for them.


I remember once when I intervened in a family case where the children were going to be referred to a shelter because of a problem of child violence. The day of the audience I went to see the children in court. The three children ran towards me, they were crying and asking me please not to separate them from their mother. This hurt my soul and I could not bear the tears.


I love everything I do at work but what I don’t like very much is walking in the sun, in dust and very rugged areas, because I have knee problems and I can’t go down easily.


If I ever have the possibility to travel, I would like to go to thailand because it has some very beautiful beaches with a color of crystal clear water


In the future I hope to continue working as a social worker and learning many topics related to social work as in the public sector and continue my studies in law and political science.