Lucia Inca Diaz


Personal hygiene and hygiene in the house are often very bad when I visit a family for the first time. It is a long process to change habits and it is not always successful. Therefore, I was very surprised by a family who lived in a small house with eight of them: The second house but also the children were clean. After a few visits, everything looked organised and clean. My job was done!

I will never forget Yanet, who I met when she was 14 years old. She asked for our help because she was ill. We organised all the procedures for referring her to Lima. There she was hospitalized for 2 and a half years. I visited her in Lima. When she returned from Lima, she was a young lady, eager to continue her studies. After a while she relapsed from her illness, she needed exclusive care to heal her wounds and baths. Her mother had no patience and complained that Yanet was not able to help. One day Yanet and I had a beautiful conversation, where she told me she was very grateful to the institution for the support and attention we had given her. It was the last time we talked. I said goodbye to her and heard the next day that Yanet passed away an hour later. I was very emotional and still sad thinking about her.

When I describe Mama Alice to my friends and family, I tell them that Mama Alice provides education, psychology, health and social support to families who are vulnerable and in extreme poverty. My family is proud of me and knows that it is important to provide support to those most in need.

Previously my favourite dish was rice with chicken, enjoy it with pleasure, nowadays it is lentils.