Marco Antonio Zevallos Quispe

Primary School Teacher (IT)

I chose the profession of education in computer science many years ago when I was 11 years old, when I first learned to use a computer from my uncle, and I found it very nice to do different things with the PC. I was working in my uncle’s shop for free so that he could teach me everything about computers. So I had enough notion to know about computers. On the other hand, the profession of education was in my blood, because everyone in my family is a teacher and I was inclined to it by vocation.

Nowadays ICT (Information and Communication Technology) has taken a very important role in our society and is used in a multitude of activities. ICT is already part of most sectors: education, public administration, employment and business, health, etc. That is why for me it is very important and I am very happy to have studied the profession I have.

Every day I am inspired by my parents in all my achievements and/or studies that I have had, I am very grateful that they have supported me throughout my life to be better every day.

I like playing football since I was a child it was my favourite game, having a ball by my side was the best thing I had, now I continue to play this sport in my free time and it has been my hobby for many years.