Our Strategy & Mission

With our NGO Mama Alice, we are on a mission to change Peruvian communities from the inside out for the better and forever.

In the communities selected by Mama Alice, almost all families live a harrowing existence of poverty, often accompanied by domestic violence, alcoholism, sexual abuse, poor hygiene and malnutrition. In addition to the physical damage these problems inflict, they also have a devastating impact on well-being, mental health and social relationships.

We believe that the only way to make sustainable improvements in these communities is by taking a holistic approach to life’s challenges. We, therefore, focus on educational and psychological support, in addition to more immediate aid. Changing attitudes, gaining trust and galvanizing the community to take up the torch themselves is the only way we can make change stick.

We also believe that lasting change needs cultural and regional sensitivity. We work collaboratively – with the community, governments and partners, to truly understand the unique cultural and social factors that our interventions must respect. Many members of our team are also local to the districts we serve. Some of them have even experienced similar hardships to our beneficiaries in their own lives.

Ultimately, we want to reach a self-sufficient, thriving Peru. One in which our charity will no longer need to exist. To reach this vision, we must turn it around.