Mama Alice and our work

Mama Alice is an independent foundation, legally recognized by the Peruvian state and registered with APCI (Agencia Peruana de Cooperación Internacional), the Peruvian government body responsible for monitoring international cooperation organizations.

The NGO was founded in Ayacucho in 2004, where we continue to make meaningful impact today.

We are known for our deep and broad interventions, changing a community from the inside-out. We work with full transparency to empower people to seize life’s opportunities – using their newfound, improved circumstances to help others in return.

Through the aid of our donors, we currently support permanent change for approximately 500 Peruvians directly each year. Indirectly, our work supports countless more. With your help, we can increase both the scale and value of our project to the Peruvian society. As a small, innovative NGO, we can constantly reflect on our work, evaluate and improve it, thus ensuring the greatest impact.

mama alice

We work across five key areas of intervention:

1. Education

Lowering dropout rates, improving school results, and a focus on female participation

 2. Families

Better communication within families – tackling and preventing domestic and sexual violence, and empowerment within the family

3. Socio-cultural

Neighborhood is better organized – organizations work together, engage in preventive activities, and develop better social infrastructure while retaining cultural identity

4. Health

Treatment of physical and mental health, preventative measures and hygiene practices.

5. Financial

Young people have better access to the labor market (vocational training), better knowledge of labor rights and employer / employee obligations, by the creation of internships and workplace opportunities.