Tania Quispe Zarate

Social Worker

To work in Mama Alice, I met Zoila in the leadership and communication workshop and at lunch she shared the work she had done, I loved it and decided to apply, the NGO gave me the opportunity to work with the population of the Yanama Human Settlement with children, adolescents and parents.

I work with adolescents and parents. It is a challenge to work with children, to investigate, explore and develop strategies for intervention, to take on new challenges is a process of personal and professional growth, prepared to make a commitment.

During this work experience I met a Social Worker, who explained the functions, areas of intervention and target population. During the story, I fell in love with the career and to date I have not been mistaken. I continue with dedication, responsibility and commitment to work in favour of the vulnerable population.

I live with my elderly parents, second brother and 2 small dogs, my hobbies are movies, doramas, anime, playing volleyball, my favourite places are hiking, nature and streams.

I would like to start professional training in psychology and specialize in psychotherapy and continue with work and family support.