Teresa Amorin Martinez

Teacher Primary School

For me an important difference between Mama Alice and other institutions is that when we have meetings or have to present reports, we do so by expressing our feelings, emotions and anecdotes. Only at Mama Alice when I start the meetings they ask me “how you are?” “How you feel”? not happen in other institutions. This kind of interest in me personally, I have never experienced in other educational institutions.


In Mama Alice I learned to identify problems in children through their emotions and the tone of their voice.


In Yanama I really don’t like the latrines, which they use as bathrooms, as they are very dirty and smell bad. Also the lack of drinking water and the excessive dust in Yanama are harsh conditions for our work.


The favorite age of children for me to work with, is from 6 to 8 years of age, because these are ages in which they can be trained in a matter of values, to be educated, to have a nice handwriting, to be orderly and clean.


I like listening to rock and pop music


I have my son with TDHA syndrome and my dream would be for him to be normal, that is, that he can carry out his activities without being reminded and in a calm way. That he does not give hasty answers and that he leaves his defiant-offensive behavior. And that learns how to regulate his emotions.

Another dream would be for me to make -especially low-income- people to understand that you first have to study or start a business before starting a family. I would like to teach them that the first love you find is not necessarily the definitive one, so you should not rush in having children without having the means to support them. This would avoid so many children on the street, without parents to watch over them.