mama alice-kids

Mama Alice is an NGO based in Ayacucho (one of the poorest regions of Peru). We work with the most vulnerable members of Ayacucho’s society especially focusing on children, young people and families facing issues such as domestic violence, alcoholism, sexual abuse, malnutrition and unemployment. These issues have a devastating impact on physical well-being, mental health and social relationships. Therefore we place education and psychology at the core of our approach so that the impact we make lasts for good.

Helping Peruvians

We currently support 500 Peruvians each year. We do this directly through our educational work, psychosocial work and hospitality training centre. Indirectly, our work impacts many more people. By breaking down social barriers, changing community attitudes, and creating a safer and more economically prosperous region. We work with local partners and the government to make sure that our help is culturally sensitive, practical and sustainable.